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Peter and Blue Go Around The World Presented by Singapore Dance Theatre

District 1, City Central, Singapore       April 27, 2019
Peter & Blue Go Around the World will stir the imagination of children with its cheery brilliance and playful storyline. This is an hour-long ballet that features engaging live story-telling and comical choreography which will inspire and incite creativity in the little ones.

Interweaving the magic of fairy-tale and delightful dancing about the ever-inquisitive Peter, his dog, Blue, and his cat, Calico. Join this cheeky and playful trio as they embark on a magical adventure across the world.

Peter & Blue Go Around the World is part of a three-part ballet series, which was created by Janek Schergen as a performance dedicated for young ones to enjoy in the theatre. Children will get to meet with the dancers and take photos with them after each performance.

“Experiencing the arts can never start too early, and an appreciation of movement, music, and spectacle can lead us into wonderful realms of possibility.” – Janek Schergen (Artistic Director, Singapore Dance Theatre)

(Recommended for children of ages 3 and above.)

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