How to block YouTube channels content

25. Oct 2023
How to block YouTube channels content

YouTube has moved beyond the idea of a video-sharing platform as it offers a lot more than just the option to view and upload videos. However, the idea of uploading video is still there and that said, anyone has the freedom to upload anything they want, provided they comply with Google’s terms and conditions.

Despite that, there’s a possibility that you can come across some videos and channels that you don’t want to see or engage in.

Thankfully, Google offers some workarounds that lets users prevent content from some channels appearing in their feed.

Wondering how to block a channel on YouTube, follow our step-by-step guide.
Users have the option to set some guidelines for YouTube to curate content from channels. This is most likely the best possible solution to avoid seeing videos from a particular channel. This process not only restricts videos from channels, but also Shorts posted by them.

But the downside of this process is that once you’ve blocked a channel, there’s no way to unlock them, but you do get a few moments to undo this.

1.Open the YouTube app on your phone or go to in a web browser
2.From the YouTube homepage, find a video from the channel you want to block
3.Hit the menu button next to the video title
4.And, choose Don’t recommend channel option
5.An info card will replace the video on your screen. Tap Undo if you blocked the wrong channel

This will stop all the recommendations from that particular channel. Repeat the same to block other channels on YouTube.

Apart from this, you can also block spam comments from YouTube apps on Android and iOS along with setup channel preferences for YouTube Kids as well.


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